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The Bankrupt Blog Magic Bullet


How To Go From Broke and Frustrated To Profitable Blogger Even If You've Never Made a Dime From Your Blog, and You've Given Up All Hope Of It Changing


You want to create a well-loved blog with legions of readers and fans from around the world.

You want a blog that delights, informs and educates... but also one that makes money. Often.

You have been told that blogging is easy, that everyone makes money blogging.

But you have no clue how.
You are not sales-y.
You don't have the time or money to take yet another course.

But you see the possibilities off on the horizon, if only someone would tell you exactly what you needed to do...


You try setting up AdSense.
You try getting more traffic, so you can qualify for MediaVine.
You sign up for affiliate marketing companies.
You even try creating your own digital products.
Or, you've tried none of these things - they all sound too complicated.

You're still broke.
Your only reader is your Mom - and even she complains about your blog. 

You buy a blogging book that makes it look sooooo easy, but when you work through the chapters, you realize you need a degree in Computer Science to understand anything.
You then try shift make money blogging mega-influencers that tell you if you're just like them you can earn $10K a month in as little as six months for a onetime payment of $2000...

how do all these people do this? The ones with income reports in the thousands of dollars a month, the ones with thousands of likes and "I love you's"?
Pondering... how much time do they spend on their blogs to find this kind of success, and if you didn't sleep for a week, would it be enough?
Grappling... with the possibility that you might never earn a living from your blog.
Puzzling... on what else you can do to tip the scales in your favor, just a teensy bit, so your partner can stop bugging you about all that time you've wasted "sitting in front of the computer".
Doubting... if you will ever have the same income that others have, if you will EVER be able to quit your job and blog full time.


Get the income effortlessly. 

Grow a cult following.

Create engaging and truly helpful blog posts that change people's lives

You Don't NEED To Do This Anymore!

I have developed a system that takes away...

The need to stress about whether your blog will make money. 

The problem of knowing exactly what to do to turn your bankrupt blog into a money-making machine.

The struggle with turning your blog into a legitimate business in the eyes of your friends, family, and the world.

It literally and truly takes you from broke and frustrated to profitable blogger, even if you've never made a dime from your blog, without the need to take another course or learn how to program your own website.

Who Am I, and Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Bonny, and I'm just as weird and wonderful as you are.

I am a Mom, which means I started my blogs during nap time and wrote them while holding a wee one and dancing at the kitchen counter, all while talking into a voice recorder to 'get my thoughts on paper'. 

I am a Dreamer (read: I literally think a million miles a minute and can't shut my brain off). I am a Hustler who would rather figure it out herself than pay thousands to make hundreds.  

I am also someone who knows how to spot a profitable niche a mile away, and that can take a blog from negative dollars to profitable in less than six months - consistently. 

I started blogging profitably in 1997, even though the word 'blog' didn't enter common use until much later. Entrepreneurship was my beat, having taught it since my early 20s with government programs for young entrepreneurs.

After several years of hard work, I landed a blogging gig with the New York Times for nine years, starting from sub-zero and clawing my way up to 5-figure months.

CNN, MSNBC, The LA Times, Macleans, Bustle, Reader's Digest, OK Cupid and hundreds more have all featured me, all while working part time (we're talking maybe 40 hours a month)... all because I know how to build a blogging business from the ground up, and ensure it's profitable from day one. Not day 1460.

I Know What You Are Thinking

It won’t work for me because I've tried everything - I'm a lost cause and just can't figure this out.

If it was that simple, everyone would have a money making blog.
How is this different from taking a $2000 course or figuring it out for myself?


Most make money bloggers haven't actually made money blogging in a niche that isn't 'make money blogging'.

Sadly, pretty much anyone can create a blog, then show others how to do the same and make money at it by throwing in a few links to Bluehost and calling it a day. BUT - they've never created a blog in a niche, in your niche, and been able to monetize it. That's where this Magic Bullet differs: I've run a few dozen profitable blogs, and only one wasn't profitable (tea). Of my clients, every single one has become profitable in a variety of niches when they follow my exact instructions.

You can take a course for thousands of dollars to (hopefully) teach you how to blog profitably- but what profitable blogger will review your blog and tell you exactly where you need help and how to fix it?

Sadly, there aren't a lot - and those I could find offer a blog coaching program in the thousands of dollars range. Who has the money for that when you're still not profitable? And since I've just started offering this service, it's 100% affordable for even the most broke of aspiring bloggers. 

My friend / family member / coach / rabbi / personal trainer told me blogging is easy / anyone can do it / no one's blogging any more / anyone who's anyone blogs / only a moron couldn't make money blogging.

To this, I say: phooey! Yes, turning a blog into a business is HARD. It's not for the faint of heart, and it's best suited to people to who have some entrepreneurial, marketing or small business background. But it's not impossible -- it just takes some hard work and a bit of support. That's what I'm offering with the Bankrupt Blog Magic Bullet: support from someone who's been there, done that and weathered more than a few Google algorithm changes and natural disasters, and still makes money blogging.

You could try to DIY a profitable blog by piecing together freebies from all over the place, reading other people's 'make money blogging' blogs, and maybe even a book or two from the library.

Yes, you could. I did it, although frankly there weren't any of these resources available when I started blogging. I had to figure it out for myself, including teaching myself how to code HTML and CSS, as well as copywriting and marketing. If I had to guess, I'd estimate I've spent tens of thousands of hours educating myself on all facets of blogging and earning a living with it. If that's all you get from this sales page - that you CAN do it yourself with enough time and patience, I'm thrilled! Please use all my free resources at your disposal, which should give you a direction to move towards. But for the rest of you, who don't have tens of thousands of hours or can't afford to wait years to blog profitably, then this service was made especially for you. Let me do the heavy lifting and give you the direct line to success. It's my pleasure! 

What's Included With This Blog Transformation Service

Immediate access to your next-steps checklist so you can get started right away.
A 21-step review of your blog to seek gaps, and opportunities for monetization
Blog marketing suggestions to increase your loyal fans and readers. 
One blog marketing funnel strategy for optimal blogging income.

Blog niche review to ensure the most profitable focus and readership.

A detailed 45+ page site analysis
A Full SEO Audit with 39 ranking fators including duplicates and thin pages
A Full Technical SEO Audit with 72 ranking factors including page speed
On-page SEO recommendations such as optimal text length
Advice on Keyword optimization
User Metrics such as bounce rates and pages without traffic
Analysis of competitor websites
Approximately 20 spreadsheets compiling data in an easy-to-use format
Lifetime access to a secret Facebook group for troubleshooting and support

ALL Delivered withing 7-10 days of purchase!

Profitable Blog DIY Livestream Notes + Checklist

The Extraordinary Blogger: Research, Write and Optimize the Perfect Blog Post, Even If You've Never Written Anything a Teacher Didn't Assign

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The Bankrupt Blog Magic Bullet

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