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Ready to start a blog, but have no idea where to start? 

Started your blog already, but it's yet to make any money?

You're not alone.

According to ProBlogger, 97% of first time blogs, fail. 

Even worse, there's a glut of 'make money blogging' bloggers out there promising you quick riches if only you follow their advice.

Problem is, those 'make money blogging' bloggers seem to only make money blogging with a blog that teaches people how to make money blogging.


Their original blogs they started with? Don't make money.

Big surprise.

So what's a wishful blogger to do?

Who do you trust?

Where do you go for support and advice?

I suggest someone that's made money blogging for at least a decade consistently in a variety of niches.

Not a lot of us out there -- because we're making money with something other than the 'make money blogging' niche. 

Frankly, if I'm really honest, I promised myself in 1997 when I started writing online that I'd write about anything other than this specific niche...

But I decided I had to pitch that promise when my clients kept showing me $200, $1000 courses they'd taken from supposed experts that didn't get them any closer to their goal. 

What's the goal? 

A healthy monthly income that surpasses your job-job, turning your blog into a viable business. 

Tired with these nonsense 'experts', I started teaching folks the techniques I use personally whenever I start a new blog. 

I've yet to see these techniques elsewhere - likely because I've pieced them together myself over 20+ years of writing online. 

When I've found myself at an impasse, I've sought out folks making way more money than I ever thought possible, and then mentored with them to see how they did it. 

After that? I tested, toiled and troubleshot countless niches, sites and blogs to see what worked and what didn't. 

Have I failed? Definitely. 

But what I've also learned, is that ANYONE with decent writing skills, a lot of time invested, and a profitable niche, can make a great living online as a blogger.

The key here, though? That you've got a profitable niche.

Everything starts there.

If your niche isn't proven as profitable - based on heavy market research and extensive testing - then it's pointless to even start.

This freebie you're signing up to receive offers up my first eight criteria in this process.

Eight things that EVERY profitable niche has. 

It's a simple checklist, and you can use it to vet any niche. 

But, know that this is only the first step.

After you've found a niche that meets the eight criteria? That's when the real work begins.

Ready to begin?

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[FREE] Profitable Blog Niche

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