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How To Get Substantial, Targeted Traffic To Your Blog Or Website in 30 Days Or Less

It’s like it’s taken over the internet. 

Search Engine Optimization.

If you follow anything on Pinterest -- you HAAAAAVVVVE to master SEO. Or else…

… or else your site will never get any visitors.

… or else everyone in the blogosphere will avoid you.

… or else you’ll die a penniless death. 

Okay, maybe that last one’s a bit drastic. Just a touch. Unfortunately,  it doesn’t take much to find something on social media that supports this fear.

So, if you believe everything you read… SEO’s important. 

Like, survive or die kind of important, in the blogging world.


What’s a Blogger To Do?

Like anything on the internet, if you want to succeed and beat the odds, you need to learn, evolve and grow.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can help you do that. 

Note that I say help though.

SEO won’t fix all your website problems, or magically get you millions of readers overnight. 

On its own, it definitely won’t make you any money, either. 

But coupled with a profitable blog niche, the understanding of what’s viral in your niche, how to write a stellar blog post, and understanding what it takes to make money blogging -- 

You can do almost anything. 

Who Am I To Teach You SEO?

I’m Bonny, and I’ve written professionally, and profitably, online since 1997.

My biggest ‘claim to fame’ is that I taught myself how to code an eCommerce site before eCommerce was a word. 

Or, that I blogged before blogging was a thing. 

Or, that I wrote for nine years with the New York Times as their Dating Expert. 

Or, that I’ve consistently earned five figures a month since 2010 solely from blogging. 

Or… well you get the jist. 

Way Back When...

In the ‘cowboy days’ of the internet, search engine optimization didn’t matter.

You could pretty much write anything and get on the first page of Alta Vista. 

Then, you needed links back to your site to get ranked #1. 

After, you needed comprehensive content. 

And then… well then things got complicated. 

My 2012 Birthday Gift From Google

I remember waking up on April 24, 2012, with many a message from (now former) colleagues with The New York Times and

“My site tanked!” 

“I lost all my pageviews overnight!” 

“What’s happening?!!” 

I jumped on to my Analytics (at the time, they weren’t live), and saw nothing amiss. 

But, I had less than a quarter of the emails I normally received that morning. It didn’t take long to see -- my site was caught in the “Penguin crisis”. 

Penguin was the name of the search engine algorithm change that Google made that day, that affected millions of websites around the world. 

Even, which at the time was one of the Top 10 internet properties on the web.

SEO Devastation

It took many months to unravel the mystery as to what happened that day, but eventually, I came to a conclusion: I had to change my focus. 

What I’d been told for years to do, focus on, and write about, didn’t work anymore. 

Stuffing my content with keywords was a biggie. So was writing content that had something to say -- 300 words didn’t cut it any more.

Now, was my work low quality? Maybe. But I’d just done what I was told, and, did it well. 

But when I lost my solid, mid five figures a month income overnight… well, I taught myself SEO. 

It took me years to learn what I’m about to share with you in this course, and years to get back on top of the search engines. My site never recovered, and I was replaced in the summer of 2017.  Now, doesn’t even exist. 

Bouncing Back

I spent a lot of time, money and brain power figuring out what went wrong with Penguin, and the subsequent Google algorithm changes. 

Eventually though, I noticed patterns. I tried a lot of suggestions - many of which didn’t work - but a few stuck. 

They stuck so well, I no longer noticed any of Google’s updates. My posts stayed high in search, they drove consistent traffic, and when they didn’t, I knew exactly what needed fixing. 

It didn’t take long for my former colleagues to notice my success; they were my first clients. 

This Isn’t What I Wanted To Do!

When I began my professional writing career, I wanted to stay at home with my newborn daughter. 

Now, I’m stubborn, so I knew I’d do whatever it took to stay at home AND make a living, but at the time… I had no idea how. 

All I knew was,  I didn’t want to write about ‘how to make money online’.

It smelled like snail oil to me, and I bristled whenever someone tried to convince me their way, was THE way. 

So instead, I focused on my wheelhouse -- entrepreneurship (and eventually, dating).

Fast forward more than a decade, and I still felt strong resistance to talk about how to make money online. If anything, my determination was even stronger with all of (what I thought were) charlatans telling people…

  • Start a blog and make $10,000 next month! 
  • Anyone can write for a living! 
  • Follow what I did (in the make money blogging niche) and you too can write about anything profitably! 

The trained writer in me cringed each time I read something along these lines. 

The experienced business owner in me wanted to vomit.

I mean, ANYONE can make money blogging in the ‘make money blogging’ niche. But what happens when you’re passionate about…

  • Cake decorating?
  • Dog training?
  • Crochet? 
  • Minimalism?
  • Camping?

Then what? Do those amazing resources and $1000 courses tell you how to make money blogging, with those niches? 

Nope. They don’t. 

So when my former colleagues started asking me how I was doing so well with my multiple, new blogs, I jumped in.

They didn’t need to know how to write -- I mean, we all wrote for the NYT. 

What they didn’t know how to do, was to take their blog and turn it into a business.

Fast Forward A Few Years…

At first, I helped folks out just because. 

I didn’t accept any money. I helped because I wanted to. 

But very quickly, I was overwhelmed with requests. And, I discovered that when folks didn’t pay, they didn’t commit. 

Which made sense, because the only things I personally stuck with, were things I was heavily invested in.

Like not going back to work after my daughter’s birth.

Or needing to pay an emergency $5000 repair bill. 

Or paying just a bit more than I could afford for a course -- because then, I HAD to make it work.

Right? We’re all like that. It’s human nature. 

Once I figured this last bit out, my business soared. 

Suddenly, I had more work than I could ever finish. And that’s when…

I Started Helping People Make Money Online

I’m good at it. My clients love me. And I’ve got 20+ years experience succeeding online where others have failed. 

For instance, I have yet to work with someone that’s taken my Niche Research course and hasn’t been profitable within six months of launching their blog. 

Actually, I shouldn’t say that.

More accurately -- anyone who has PAID  for my Niche Research course AND followed my guidance, has been profitable within six months of launching their blog. 

For me, that’s earning at least $1000 USD a month from their blog without ads or sponsorships. 

SEO is a part of that success -- but as I’ve shared already, it’s far from the only part.

Why I Created Master Search Engine Optimization

All of my courses fit together like pieces of a puzzle. 

You need them all if you want to see the big picture.

But, for some of you, SEO might not fit into the picture. Or, you’ve already taken a course and feel confident with your skills optimizing your blog posts for search.

If so, that’s great! And then, this course isn’t for you.


---  if you’re someone struggling with SEO --

--- if you want to know how to get more eyeballs on your words --

--- if you’re wanting jargon-free instructions --

--- if you need traffic to your established blog --

--- if you’ve already taken my how to write a stellar blog post course -- 

Then sign up now, because I created this written program just for you. 

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